About Stop Smoking Sydney

Our unique system has an astonishing 95.6% success rate – we’ve helped thousands of clients break their smoking addiction.

Advantages to hiring the best

We have a proven track record of assisting smokers become nonsmokers for life. Our program works, and we offer the promise and the close personal attention you deserve on your stop smoking journey.

We take pride in the excellence of our partners and staff, who all perform to the utmost professional standards.

We recognise the influence and power of technology and have made sure we have the best tools to interact, analyse, plan and advise you with regard to becoming a nonsmoker.

As a Stop Smoking Sydney client you will be among a huge number of individuals from a broad cross section of life.

Our vision at Stop Smoking Sydney is a world full of happy, healthy nonsmokers, and we do all we can create a positive and valuable difference by working with you and others, one session at a time.

A partnership with Stop Smoking Sydney will make certain that you are well equipped to emerge into your new life as a nonsmoker, no matter what it throws at you, and we’ll do all we can to support you – that’s our promise to you.

We believe in open communication with our clients

We give you the tools to succeed

We promise you’ll become a nonsmoker – for life

We are experts in our field

“I’m happy to be free from coughing. I am healthier, breathing easier and ready to feel free of a habit I’ve had for about 30 years. I am a non-smoker and will not smoke again.”

Barbara Hall, Ex Smoker

“There are not enough words to describe the wonderful reward of being a non-smoker. Being true to one’s self is so great. I am the person I’ve always known I am and I will be forever, a non-smoker.”

Maryanne Mesple, -Hypnotherapy Raving Fan
“I went to see Nick to quit smoking in 2010 and I’m doing so VERY WELL!!! Thank you so very much for all your help with me. I do not even feel the urge for a cigarette at all even in the environment at home, so I am very proud of myself and your professionalism with me.”
Jan (Bronte NSW)
“I’m happy and proud to tell everyone that I’ve been a non-smoker for nearly two years. Not even an urge to smoke no matter where I am, what’s going on or how many smokers are in my face. Thanks so much!”
Carlos (St Mary’s NSW)