Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Sydney

We Back Our Price With a Promise

Our program investment is just $795, which can be broken into fortnightly payments of $265. Keeping in mind that being a non-smoker will save you around $690 per month, you’ll see this cost recouped in just over one month of being a non-smoker!

Quit Smoking in Sydney With Hypnosis in 60 Minutes!

You desire to be a non-smoker – not for an hour, a month, or a year – but a lifetime. Imagine looking back on these years of struggle and saying “Quitting was easier than I thought possible!” We can make this happen for you. If a single session with Stop Smoking Sydney doesn’t completely remove your desire for nicotine, we will pay for a second session absolutely FREE!

Here’s an interesting statistic about our success rate and the reason why we guarantee your very first session – 95.6% of our clients NEVER pick up nicotine again after the first visit with us. This is pretty amazing considering our therapy is entirely drug-free. For those 4.4% who need a second session, most people rid their cravings completely after the second (and free) visit.

Why Does Our Method Work So Well?

We believe our success rate is so high because of our screening process that accurately predicts the best candidates for hypnotherapy. When you call us today, we’ll determine whether you are truly ready to become a non-smoker and a good match for our program. If you are not an optimal candidate, then we will be honest and let you know what to do to become a better candidate.

One final piece of advice, try to avoid money back guarantees if you really want to quit smoking. The mind creates conflict between the part of you that wants to quit and the part of you that wants to have your money back. In our own research, we found that offering a money back guarantee reduces the success rate to only 80%.

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“I’m happy to be free from coughing. I am healthier, breathing easier and ready to feel free of a habit I’ve had for about 30 years. I am a non-smoker and will not smoke again.”
Barbara Hall
“There are not enough words to describe the wonderful reward of being a non-smoker. Being true to one’s self is so great. I am the person I’ve always known I am and I will be forever, a non-smoker.”
Maryanne Mesple
“I went to see Nick to quit smoking in 2010 and I’m doing so VERY WELL!!! Thank you so very much for all your help with me. I do not even feel the urge for a cigarette at all even in the environment at home, so I am very proud of myself and your professionalism with me.”
Jan (Bronte NSW)
“I’m happy and proud to tell everyone that I’ve been a non-smoker for nearly two years. Not even an urge to smoke no matter where I am, what’s going on or how many smokers are in my face. Thanks so much!”
Carlos (St Mary’s NSW)