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Mitchell Hendry (Central Coast)

It's been a week with no cigarettes and absolutely no cravings thanks to Stop Smoking Sydney Hypnotherapy. Previous to this I tried everything to quit and no luck!! It feels like I haven't quit smoking it's more like I never smoked!!!! Beers, frustration, sex, work nothing is making me want a smoke its like you went back in time 15 years ago to high school and slapped the cigarette packet out my hand!!! Thank you so much, mate worth every penny for sure!!!!!

Jack Patel

Hi my name is Jack, I was smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day for 14 yearrs. I tried literally everything and almost gave up on giving up. But then I saw a FACEBOOK Ad about hypnosis. I was curious about it and wondered if this would work for me. Since I had tried everything else, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment. It's been 47 days today, a HUGE achievement for me! I just know I'll never smoke again! I have more energy, better fitness, my wife is happier and am now saving the money for home renovations! Thank you stop smoking Sydney - I highly recommend your services.

Alyson May

I'm 12 days in and still smoke free! Best decision ever made was making the appointment. This has been the easiest and most successful attempt ever at quitting.

Thank you for your support and for reinforcing my determination and dedication to being smoke-free!


I'm in full control - I occasionally have thoughts but no smokes! I know the thoughts will go away at the 21-day mark - thanks again, thumbs WAY up!


I'm off cigarettes! I bought myself a new BMW GS 800 as a reward! Thanks again for what you have done!


I'm 11 days in and still smoke free! Even after having a bad couple of days with a lot of life-stress, I still have not picked up a smoke. I am surprised but so proud of me for not giving in!

Steven (Earlwood NSW)

I had a quit smoking session with Nick over 9 months ago and all is going pretty well. To be honest, I was worried that it wouldn’t work for me but it’s just been a breeze!. No cravings or anything even while on holidays! My main issue with other methods was that the cravings never really left so it has been a huge relief with the hypnosis that they have disappeared. Thanks again Nick!

Fiona Wilson (McGraths Hill)

I was waiting for you to call me so I could tell you how great I feel about myself being a non-smoker.
I had been a smoker for 35 years and never once did I imaging being a non-smoker. Giving up smoking was a huge lifestyle change for me and my family and thanks to you. I am moving forward to an active, healthy and positive way of life. I have found the transition easy and find myself subconsciously using the triggers Dean showed me when I need them.

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