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Tips for Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey means quitting smoking without the support of any nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products or stop-smoking drugs or quit smoking with hypnosis session. Quitting smoking cold turkey may sound intimidating and even impossible to many smokers, because it conjures up visions of unbearable pain and endless suffering. In fact, many people have successfully [...]

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Cigarette Ingredients List

Knowing what ingredients are inside a cigarette is really no different than someone who reads labels on their food products.  Sometimes reading the label will just feed your curiosity, sometimes it helps you to choose a healthier product.  Knowing what goes in a cigarette probably will not cause you to put your last cigarette out [...]

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RJ Reynold Cigarette Ban | Stop Smoking Hypnosis News

The tobacco company RJ Reynold’s has had 4 cigarette products banned.  Some of the cigarette ingredients are coming under question.  One has to wonder what exactly the cigarette ingredients are.  It will be interesting to see this story unfold and if the ingredient list will be released to the public. Here is the article http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20150915/fda-bans-new-cigarettes If [...]

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Stop Smoking News

Web MD has just posted an article about raising the legal age to 21 for people to purchase cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Click here for the article. The rationale is that as people age they are able to make smarter decisions.  In my personal experience of helping hundreds of people quit smoking, the vast majority start [...]

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