Quitting smoking cold turkey means quitting smoking without the support of any nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products or stop-smoking drugs or quit smoking with hypnosis session. Quitting smoking cold turkey may sound intimidating and even impossible to many smokers, because it conjures up visions of unbearable pain and endless suffering. In fact, many people have successfully quit smoking cold turkey, and it is proven that this method is truly an effective way to put an end to smoking.

There is no cure-all way that can work best for everyone because everyone has different needs, habits and obstacles during the quitting process. Here are some of our tips for you to find the most effective quitting method for your own needs.

Understand Yourself Well to Know How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

In order to successfully quit smoking cold turkey, you need to understand yourself well in order to pick the technique that works best for your own needs, situations, and habits. Some people choose to quit smoking using hypnosis to effectively get them calm and relaxed during the quitting process. In meanwhile, some other people share that they choose to sleep in order to get calmer and to avoid smoking.

Set a date

It’s wonderful that you can just quit smoking on a whim. Unfortunately, not many people can do it. It’s advisable to pick a quit date, as it shows a part of your commitment to put an end to your smoking habit. When you are setting a quick date you are preventing the possibilities of delaying your quitting process.

In addition to the above advice for setting your quit date is to choose a suitable time of the year. Don’t choose a time that you are so busy with work and other social activities that could cause you to pick up smoking again. Remember, stress triggers smoking, so you shouldn’t choose to quit smoking when you’re going to have major projects due at work, or a final exam week or some stress-induced events.

Drink water. Breath slowly, deeply

When you start on quitting, quit smoking side effects and withdrawal symptoms can happen. Remember that the withdrawal symptoms are just temporary, and you can beat the withdrawal symptoms. When your cravings begin, drink water and take a long, deep breath to calm yourself.

Keep yourself busy

One tip to beat the withdrawal symptoms is keeping yourself busy and interested with new activities such as hiking, running, reading, baking, and swimming etc. except smoking.

Change your routine

Think about the times that you are most likely to smoke, and try to change the routine activities that include smoking. Do you usually drink morning coffee and smoke? If yes, skip the coffee part and change to something different like juice or tea. Do you usually smoke with certain colleagues? Avoid them for the first few weeks to avoid being triggered to smoke again.

Let your friends and family come on board with you!

Don’t forget to let your friends and family know about your plan! Having a strong support from your close circle will have you feeling more determined to quit smoking. They will also be very helpful in keeping you on track with your quitting plan by reminding you whenever you’re likely to cheat or relapse on your quitting smoking plan.